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Class Configuration

  extended by

public class Configuration
extends java.lang.Object

The class Configuration is a utility class used for initially loading all data of an API into the database.

Method Summary
static void configure( file, ApiEntity api)
          This method reads API data from an API configuration file.
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Method Detail


public static void configure( file,
                             ApiEntity api)
                      throws ConfigurationException
This method reads API data from an API configuration file. Based on this data, it scans the directory in which the API documentation resides, constructs corresponding BusinessObjects and saves them in the database.

file - The API configuration file. It is expected to be in the form of a property file and should define values for the following keys:
The name of the API as displayed on the API list page (optional)
The file path of the root directory of the API documentation. The value may contain placeholders in the form ${placeholder} where placeholder is either the name of a system property or 'webapp.root'.
api - A new, uninitialized ApiEntity object
ConfigurationException - A ConfigurationException is thrown if one of the following holds:
  1. The file parameter is null, is not a File, does not exist or is not readable,
  2. The file does not contain a path entry,
  3. The specified path does not exist or is not a directory,
  4. The specified path is not the root of a properly Javadoc generated documentation directory.

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